Simba designs duvet system to avoid arguments in the bedroom

Duvet-stealing, coming home to an unmade bed and snoring are among the things that send tempers soaring between British couples.

A study of 2000 adults found more than a third of British couples regularly share a bed with an infuriating blanket bandit – a partner who regularly steals or hogs the duvet.

One in four believe a restless night by a duvet-stealing partner can make them see red, and one in six have even ended relationships over it.

Envisaging how they could bring a little peace into the bedroom this Christmas, designers at sleep technology firm Simba have imagined what a solution could look like.

Coined the ‘Duvet Diplomat’ – the bed features an ‘infinite duvet’ to combat partners stealing it from each other.

A unique rotating duvet and base system works in unison to ensure the cover is always equally distributed.

As you turn during the night, the revolving duvet moves with you, feeding through a series of rollers and tensioning systems in the base, before feeding out of the other.

Steve Reid, CEO of sleep technology company Simba, said:

“Duvet stealing is a sore subject among British couples – a bedroom habit that’s the catalyst for hundreds of arguments. “Combine this with a healthy dose of festive season stress for good measure. “Whether it’s the pandemonium of having everyone under one roof, keeping the house tidy or the pressure of cooking, each can keep us from being our usual calm, well-rested selves. “We thought it could be fun to explore how we me might put some of these tensions to bed.”

The study also found three in 10 adults feel tensions rise when they come home to an untidy bedroom or unmade bed.

And one in five have argued with their partner about their inability to make the bed in the morning.

Four in five adults also cite that one of life’s most simple pleasures is getting into fresh bedding, yet one in five never wash their duvet.

Images show the Duvet Diplomat is also geared up to appeal to interiors aesthetes and cleaning enthusiasts, with a remote controlled ‘self-making’ function.

Motorised rotary irons within the bed base automatically revolve the duvet, pressing and steam-cleaning it simultaneously.

Steve Reid added,

“When you sleep better, you are more likely to make better decisions, take less risks and start the day in a more positive and peaceful frame of mind. “So, for those who can’t wait for a futuristic sleep solution like the Duvet Diplomat, Simba’s temperature-regulating Hybrid Duvet with space-inspired Stratos technology has everything you need to prevent sleepless nights this Christmas.”  

The explosion of aspirational interiors on social media has fuelled Brits’ appetite for ‘Instagram-friendly’ homes.

It also emerged one in four adults feel social media has inspired them to try and achieve a more boutique-hotel-style bedroom, with a neat aesthetic.

And 75 per cent said a tidy and stylish bedroom environment makes them feel happier and more peaceful than more chaotic décor.

Top 10 sleep and bedroom habits that send British couples tempers soaring:

1. Snoring (39 per cent)
2. Being woken up by a duvet-stealing partner (24 per cent)
3. Not putting clothes in the laundry bin (23 per cent)
4. Encroaching on your partner’s side of the bed (22 per cent)
5. Fidgeting / tossing and turning (20 per cent)
6. Coming home to untidy bedroom (15 per cent)
7. Keeping the light on too late 14 per cent
8. Coming home to an unmade bed (14 per cent)
9. Long toenails that scratch (13 per cent
9. Your partner doesn’t make the bed (11 per cent)
10. Cold feet (10 per cent)


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