Digital Diagnostic System will revolutionise on-the-ground healthcare

eHealth Ventures (, the leading Digital Health technological incubator in Israel, has announced the acceptance of its 8th portfolio company – Engineering for All (“EfA”), managed by Yoel Ezra, an elite IDF technology unit veteran with many years of R&D management experience. eHealth Ventures has invested $900,000 in the company’s seed financing round.
EfA is developing RevDx© – a revolutionary Digital Diagnostic programable lab-on-hand system that can enable fully automated, on-the-spot gold standard microscopy diagnostics and real-time disease mapping, through an affordable handheld real-time digital, multichannel solution. This includes full CBC and parasitology capabilities, diagnosis of infectious diseases and precise and affordable test-treat-track treatment – all packaged in a portable, self-powered device. The company is working on a functional prototype and has won several awards in Israel and presented with delegations in India and Taiwan.

A billion people around the world lack access to health care because they live too far from a clinic and for more than 50% of the world population, fever is a symptom for a deadliest infectious disease.

Mis-diagnosis leads to more than 50% overuse of antibiotics which lead to antimicrobial resistance and a high economic and health burden.
Talor Sax, CEO of eHealth Ventures: “We are happy to accept Engineering for All to the eHV incubator. The ability to generate a clear CBC picture in the primary care settings, the patient home or the field, is clearly an unmet diagnostic need and RevDx© is a highly disruptive platform, with huge potential in many areas. Yoel, Eli and the team bring many years of relevant experience and we have received considerable interest from our partners to implement this device. This can be a truly game-changing solution.”


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