650HP Supercharged Roush F-150 Off-Road SC Reviewed

Roush Performance has been making cars and trucks faster and more stylish for over the past two decades. With a well-established presence in their Mustang segment, Roush has made great strides to enhance their offerings on the truck side, expanding their line-up to include six F-Series pickup models. The team at Roush Performance recently shipped out their new 2019 Roush F-150 Off-Road SC to AmericanTrucks’ (AT) video studio for AT host Justin Dugan to sink his teeth into.

“Not a bad day at the office when you get to get behind the wheel of one of these monsters and put your foot in it a little bit.” –Justin Dugan

In this episode of AT’s “The Haul” YouTube series, Justin slices into this juicy T-bone steak of a truck, discussing its exterior styling featuring unique grill, front bumper, lighting, vinyl decals, and fender flares, among other attributes. After a walk-around, Justin talks performance and suspension upgrades, specifically Roush’s full-stainless dual-tipped active exhaust, next-generation Roush TVS R2650 supercharger, and Roush by Fox 2.0 Performance Series Suspension System. Finally, Justin hops in the driver’s seat to discuss interior styling, driving characteristics, and tire-roasting capabilities.
Watch it here: https://www.americantrucks.com/the-haul-april2019.html


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