Electro Optical Industries presents new standards for Night Vision Devices (NVDs) testing

Santa Barbara, April 25th 2019 – Opto-electronics experts Electro Optical Industries (EOI), part of the HGH company, shed light on their innovative NVDs testing systems ; the NV-2500, providing all standard NVDs tests, fully automated, and the NV-2020 allowing proper adjustment of all goggle parameters prior to a mission.

Electro Optical Industries’ Night Vision Test sets are emerging as the new standard for digital night vision goggle testing. The NV-2500 is a compact, plug-and-play solution, providing field tests for all existing Night Vision Goggles and Monoculars. According to EOI, one of the main advantages of such a sophisticated tool is the reliability of the results: the tests are fully automated and no longer based on the subjective interpretations of the human eye. The available tests include: image intensifier checks, focus, resolution, gain, spot defects, distortion, collimation, and more.

Stephen Scopatz, General Manager, stated:

Users are now fully autonomous in the test of their NVDs, and there is no more subjectivity in the results. Our NV-2500 combines the highest ergonomics with the best reliability’’.


The NV-2020 allows the user to make the final adjustment just before a mission. It is a compact, battery-powered and transportable device made on purpose to go into the field.

‘’Using the NV-2020 is the very last step before going into the field, to make sure the NVDs – any goggle type – are adjusted. It is both a plug and play system and a high precision one: infinity focus and mechanical alignment are made possible thanks to an integrated accurate target’’ added Catherine Barrat, Head of Test & Measurement Unit.

Electro Optical Industries and HGH will exhibit at many tradeshows around the world in 2019. Visit the website for more information


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