Winner of the BCIA Small Project of the Year Category

The HAR2 Kingsmoor Flood Alleviation Scheme has won the BCIA Small Project of the Year Category. Essex County Council commissioned Ringway Jacobs as the designers and contractors for the flood defences. Other contributors included Hawthorn Heavy Horse and Topbond Group.

Below they discuss their reasons for entering the competition, what effect the award has had and their advice to aspiring contenders.

1. Why did you decide to enter the BCI Awards last year?

We felt that the Kingsmoor Flood Scheme that we entered was a unique and innovative way to reduce flood risk whilst creating improvements and other benefits to the wider community so we thought why not enter and see what happens!? As part of the work we do we’ve completed many varying flood alleviation schemes across Essex, which we are very proud of, and whilst we are a little biased towards them entering the Kingsmoor one into the awards was an opportunity to both promote the work we are doing and also to see how the scheme compared to other projects occurring across the country.

2. How has winning this affected your business since your win?

Since winning we have received lots of interest form other organisations, both in the public and private sector, and in both the specific project and the wider flood mitigation schemes we’ve undertaken.
This has led to some useful connections being made but most importantly for us this has been a great opportunity to share the lessons we’ve learnt from all of our projects and help others in a similar position to undertake theirs. We are very proud as a team for the recognition of all of our hard work from fellow engineers and other experts and also with the ongoing tight budgets in local government winning the award has helped promote the work we are doing internally with our colleagues and councillors.

3. What advice would you give to someone entering this year?

I would definitely advise people to enter the awards! Whilst the application form is quite lengthy the amount and detail required provides plenty of opportunity for the specific details of the project to be conveyed.

4. Why should one enter the BCI Awards?

As mentioned by entering there is the opportunity for a project to be looked at by experts and those separate from the scheme and it’s a chance to compare with similar projects currently being undertaken. It’s also a great chance to promote a project being undertaken and potentially make useful new connections. Plus of course there is the possible opportunity to attend the awards ceremony and maybe come away with an impressive trophy!


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